Coaching Coaches' programs offer unique and effective approaches to educating coaches and parents. Below are just some of the benefits our programs provide:


  • Programs can be provided at no cost to organizations.
  • Set standards for all coaches, parents and kids.
  • Provides kids with a more educated coach and parent.
  • Creates a culture which will provide a better sporting experience for everyone involved.
  • Online programs are customized for each organization at no cost and can be viewed on tablet and mobile smart phone devices.
  • Service offerings are respectful of busy family schedules, affordable and easily available.
  • Programs may support the organization in the event of a potential legal matter.


  • Receive a formalized training program from a professional coach, educator and speaker.
  • Receive an extensive online coaches’ handbook which can be used during the training program as well as in the future.
  • Access to continued education and support.
  • Receive specific strategies and tactics on how to “roll-out” a successful youth program.
  • Review any portion of the video and/or coaches’ handbook, at no additional charge.
  • Gain confidence.
  • Provide a better sporting experience for everyone involved.


  • Parents will better understand how important their role is to the overall success of any youth sporting experience.
  • Detailed nutrition tools for the whole family.
  • The flow of information among parents, coaches and organizations improves.
  • Emphasizes the safety, health and overall wellbeing of children.
  • Encourages additional first-aid training, CPR training, AED training and coaches’ background checks.
  • Allows the coach to provide a better experience for your child, yourself and your family.
  • Instills more confidence in parents as to WHO is working with their kids.


  • Our kids deserve trained coaches and informed parents – period.
  • Our kids will have a more enjoyable sporting experience.
  • Kids will be focused and full of energy for practices and games.
  • Kids will establish healthy eating habits during their youth sports career and into adulthood.
  • Kids will be more likely to continue registering for the sport/activity the following year.
  • The kids will benefit, the parents will benefit, the coaches will benefit and the organization will benefit - A win, win, win, win for everyone involved!

Most coaches today focus on the X’s and O’s, the skills and drills, and the strategies of the game. There is so much more to coaching our kids. The “Other Side” of coaching opens up a whole new world to our coaches and leaders.