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Meet the creator: Bill Bommarito

Bill has spent the last 25+ years coaching, officiating, administrating, developing and delivering educational programs for coaches and parents. Prior to that Bill was a high school teacher/coach for several years and brought that experience to the youth level. Bill quickly saw there was a big difference between what he did as a professional teacher/coach and what he saw at the youth level. 

As a result Bill developed his "Coaching to Make a Positive Difference" and “Positive Parent Participation” programs. He has taught over 100,000 coaches and parents and has received extraordinarily positive responses from the organizations, the coaches and the parents. Bill’s programs have changed thousands of coaches’ and parents approach, and in doing so, created much better sporting experiences for our children, their parents, our coaches and our organizations.

The results have been extraordinary! Bill has literally thousands of responses which use such words and phrases as "engaging", "informative", "entertaining", "awesome", "life changing", “can’t wait for the season to begin”, “I will be a better parent because of this training” and it goes on and on.

Bill’s training is a unique perspective on youth coaching and every coach should have this training along with any sport specific training prior to working with our children. The parent program offers the same benefits along with life changing nutrition tools.  Organizations, coaches and parents, to learn more click on that “Red Button”.

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“I am a dentist and I attend hundreds of hours of continuing education classes every year. Bill's program was outstanding! Material was nicely thought out and organized! Kudos!"



Our number one goal for youth coaches is to make the experience good enough so the kids keep coming out year after year. If they quit, you can’t teach them anything. They won’t be there!