Coaching Coaches also offers all of the below services in either faith or non-faith based formats.

Organization/Administration Consulting:

Coaching Coaches has over twenty five years of experience in the field of youth sports and is available to consult with any youth sports organization or youth activity program. Often times, the tasks coaches and organizations perform can seem overwhelming, the parents seem overbearing, the issues seem endless and many times, you feel too close to the people and the issues to gain a new and healthy perspective. Seeking an experienced company who closely monitors youth sports across the United States can have immediate and significant results. Coaching Coaches can help your organization develop a visionary mission statement, develop solid job descriptions for each board member and director, address potential legal challenges, create a financial road map, assist in helping you set up an effective organizational structure and many more foundational specifics which can help put the pieces in place to offer and implement the best possible sporting experience for everyone involved.  Contact Coaching Coaches to see how we can help take your organization to the next level.


Custom Training:

Coaching Coaches is available to customize any training specifically to meet the needs of your organization. Select and volunteer organizations, leadership organizations, and inner city self-esteem building organizations have all implemented custom training programs.

Custom training uses Coaching Coaches general principles and, at the same time, specifically addresses the needs of your organization.  Coaching Coaches will interview your organizational leaders, help define your specific training needs and will work in a collaborative manner to create a program or programs which specifically address the needs and mission of your organization.

Coaching Coaches prides itself on its ability to design and develop educational and inspirational programs where our youth's best overall experience is at risk.  Contact Coaching Coaches if you would like more information on our custom training opportunities.


Activity Leaders:

Coaching Coaches is proud of the fact that its educational concepts, strategies and approaches to working with our youth have been enthusiastically accepted not only in the athletic arena, but also embraced in other activities dealing with our youth. Coaching Coaches welcomes the opportunity to train all youth activity leaders of any activity where the goal is to provide the best possible experience for our children. While the concepts and strategies were initially developed for sports, our teaching approaches can easily and effectively be used with any activity involving children. Please contact Coaching Coaches for more details.


From CYO Director, Archdiocese of New York "Your years of experience and compassion for the needs of all involved in youth sports were obvious. It’s clear that you believe passionately in what you are doing for the young people involved in sports programs and their families. It’s refreshing and especially needed. Keep up the great work!” 

A highly regarded American university surveyed 10,000 kids in 11 cities, and the No. 1 reason kids quit sports is "it just isn’t fun anymore.” We can correct that trend with educated coaches and leaders.