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Why Coaches Need Training

Most coaches have never taken a child development class in their life. Their hearts are in the right place, but their knowledge of effectively working with a group of children is limited. The only job in this country that does not typically require training is youth coaching. That has to change, and organizations have to execute that change. Coaches need to better understand children from a developmental, emotional and psychological perspective, just as a teacher has been educated. Having an effectively trained staff of coaches creates a better sporting experience for everyone involved.

Non-trained coaches typically only focus on results whereas effective coaches develop processes and builds supportive and successful programs.Trained coaches strive to have an extraordinary season on many levels, not simply through the lens of the scoreboard results. A trained coach understands the positive impact a well implemented program can have on our children’s overall sporting experience.

About The Coach Training Program

Ultimately, a child’s sporting experience starts and ends with the coach! The coach sets the tone for everything that happens. The Coaching to Make a Positive Difference training program is an extraordinarily unique coaches' training program that focuses on the "other side" of coaching. We do not focus on X's & O's, skills & drills and strategies of the game. By examining, developing, and redefining coaching, this new perspective will work to enhance the overall experience for everyone involved: children, parents, coaches and organizations.

In order to consistently strengthen self-esteem while challenging children at the same time, key educational techniques must be used to create an inclusive and rewarding experience, making every practice and game enjoyable! Regardless of how well a coach knows his/her sport from a tactical perspective, the success for everyone involved will always come down to how a coach delivers his/her program.

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From CYO Director, Archdiocese of New York "Your years of experience and compassion for the needs of all involved in youth sports were obvious. It’s clear that you believe passionately in what you are doing for the young people involved in sports programs and their families. It’s refreshing and especially needed. Keep up the great work!” 

Almost all (99.8%) of coaches and leaders who have taken Bill’s training have said yes to this question: “Was this (the training) a positive experience for you?”